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Manage ticketing Internet services at a cyber café
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TrueCafe has been designed to help you run a cybercafé. It can keep track of the time each customer spends on an Internet connection. The program supports all types of computers and portable devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones and game consoles. Fortunately, its interface is quite intuitive, so you will not have any problem to use it. Most of the operations can be carried out from its main window. However, there are some more intricate features, which are mostly related to configuring the tool.

The program allows you to manage both wired and wireless Internet browsing services. In this respect, it is good that it is possible to use customized login pages. Likewise, it lets you communicate with workstations through text messages. The tool permits setting different rates grouped in various modes. Moreover, you can create user groups and control them as a batch. It is also very convenient that TrueCafe helps you calculate how much traffic has been generated on a given terminal. Although your customers will probably dislike this possibility, the program also lets you access browsing histories.

It is great that TrueCafe can also help you save power, and, consequently, business operation costs. In this regard, the tool can turn off or on computers according to their status. Similarly, it lets power off all the networked computers in a single operation. Fortunately, this program is also useful to manage sales other than Internet services. As to this feature, it lets you create bills including other services and goods, and it even supports entering barcode.

All in all, TrueCafe may be the right solution if you need to run a small Internet café. Still, the program is susceptible to being accessed by unauthorized users due to some security breaches. In case you want to try it, there is a free version with limitations as to the number of stations it can manage.

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  • Supports wired and wireless connections
  • Keeps track of time, pages visited and amount of traffic in every station
  • Includes some power management features


  • Somewhat tricky to configure
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